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7 Steps For A Stress-Free Local Vet Visit

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A visit to your local vet is a stressful experience for both pet and owner. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Some methods can turn it into a stress-free moment, like going to the park.

Here are seven steps that will lower the stress your pets experience.

Step #1: Familiarize Your Pet with the Crate

The moment you place pets in a space they’re not familiar with, they will experience anxiety. This is valid for cats and dogs, but cats tend to face this problem more often.

So before going to your local vet, try to familiarize the pet with the crate. To the animal, it must seem like a place where good things happen. You can even put food inside the crate from time to time.

local vet

Step #2: Let Your Pet Get to Know Your Car

Some pets go inside a car only when visiting a veterinarian. Naturally, they will experience anxiety and become stressed.

It is recommended to drive your pet to other places from time to time. Other than your local vet, that is.

Step #3: Avoid Crowds

Veterinary clinics are sometimes crowded. With many people and animals in the waiting room any pet might get scared.

You can ask your local animal clinic for an appointment during a less busy day. Avoid traffic jams and loud noises that may stress your pet. Make it so your pet feels safe and relaxed.

Step #4: Be Prepared to Visit Your Local Vet

You have to be the strong one in this experience. If you feel anxious, your pet will sense it as well. Prepare all the necessary paperwork beforehand.

By doing this you will transmit calmness to your pet. The visit will also go smoother and you’ll be in and out in no time.

Step #5: Speak To Your Pet

The sound of your voice will calm your pet. Any local vet would advise you to do this during the trip to the clinic. You will have to keep doing this even while in the waiting room or during the examination

The advice above usually applies to cats – they get scared and jumpy when in unknown places. Some dogs may need this ‘treatment’ as well.

Step #6: Wait Outside or in the Car

If there’s no way to calm down your pet in the waiting room, you could wait outside. Some pets become aggressive when there are other pets in the same room.

Another good idea is to wait in the car with your pet until it’s your turn. Remember step #2 – your car is a familiar place for your pet. Never leave your pet alone in the car, especially during hot days.

Step #7: Choose a Compassionate Local Vet

When you’re choosing a veterinarian for your pet, find out how they handle animals. The best ones know how to approach a stressed animal without looking threatening.

Your vet should approach the pet from the side and handle it with care. This will calm it down as it understands there is no danger.

As you can see, these steps are very easy to follow. It’s all about showing your pet some love. They don’t understand you’re only trying to take good care of them. With patience, you’ll be able to turn a stressful visit into a relaxing experience.

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