Dr. Tracey Sasher - Veterinarian


Dr. Sasher is an Atlanta native who earned her DVM from the University of Georgia in 2002.

Her experience in training performance dogs for agility and field work led to her interest in conditioning and fitness for dogs and therapeutic exercise to rehabilitate injuries for working dogs, and ultimately led to her enrollment in the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner program at the University of Tennessee in 2003 and her certification in 2004.

She also had the opportunity to work with a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist while a student at UGA and knew that becoming certified in veterinary acupuncture was also a goal after graduation. She finished her TCVM training at the Chi Institute in 2004 and certified in veterinary acupuncture and Tui -Na.

Dr. Sasher joined PRAH in 2010. She and Dr. Winokur share duties in holistic medicine at Pharr Road, offering rehabilitation, acupuncture, pain management, food therapy and obesity management for working dogs and our beloved senior pets.