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Atlanta Veterinarians: How to Tell If Your Dog Is in Pain

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If your dog behaves weird, taking it to Atlanta veterinarians’ office is the right thing to do. Now, it’s true animals act weird even when they are healthy. Most of the time, they are just happy.

However, that just makes it more difficult to tell if there really is a problem.

Still, home diagnosis is an important responsibility. Your dog can’t talk so it is up to you to figure it out. Here are useful tips that will help you find out if your dog is in pain:

Excessive Vocalizations

Dogs sometimes try to walk it off. But even the toughest ones will express their suffering – especially if it is linked to a physical action like walking. Look for more than normal vocalizations like:

  • Whining
  • Whimpering
  • Yelping
  • Growling
  • Snarling
  • Howling

If this is the case, reach out to the best Atlanta veterinarians.

atlanta veterinarians

Localized Grooming

When a dog is hurt, its instinct will be to lick the wound. They are attempting to clean it and soothe the pain. If the injury is visible, your job is simple.

But if the problem is internal or not so easy to spot, things change. If the pain your dog is experiencing is internal, it will lick the adjacent exterior area.

Pay attention to how often it does that. If it has a problem with its eyes, the dog will lick its paws and rub its eyes. If this is the case, only experienced Atlanta veterinarians will be able to help your dog.

Difficulty in Resting

If your dog is hurting, it can be difficult for it to lie down and rest. It will be agitated because of this.

It’s a good idea to observe your dog as often as you can. That will help you spot if it is resting in a weird position. Try to notice if it has difficulties sitting also.

Atlanta Veterinarians Warn about Aggressive Behavior

If your dog is hurting, it might go into a defensive mode. Their natural instincts tell them to be protective. Dogs can become fearful  because they are afraid you might hurt them.

Your docile and affectionate dogs might begin to growl. They could pin their ears back and even bite if they feel threatened. Then, they could hide from you.

Dogs that are usually aggressive do the opposite while in pain. They become more docile and look for affection.

Other Symptoms

A dog’s eyes are something you should always keep an eye on. When they have eye problems, you’ll see that the pupils are smaller. It will also cause them to squint frequently.

But if the pain is in a different part of its body, you will see the pupils are bigger than usual.

When it comes to sleeping, eating and drinking, it’s pretty straightforward.

If your dog is hurt, it will sleep more because it’s trying to speed up the healing process or it has difficulties standing up.

Dogs that stop eating as much as they used to, or drink less/more also have a problem.

Atlanta veterinarians advise you against trying to treat the problem at home. You need a proper diagnosis before applying the appropriate cure.

We work with the most recent advancements in diagnostic equipment. Our team of compassionate and dedicated doctors has years of experience in treating pets.

Call us right away or contact us online if you think your dog is in pain.

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