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Voted a 2023 Neighborhood Fave

November 29, 2023

Congratulations! Your business is officially loved by locals. 

Your neighbors voted your business a 2023 Neighborhood Fave!

Besides bragging rights and a trophy icon on your Nextdoor Business Page, you get the enclosed 2023 sticker for your shop window or wherever you work. 

Being a Neighborhood Fave is good for business: Winners have 290x the Nextdoor page views, 6x more recommendations, and 5x more impressions on their Nextdoor ads. 

While Neighborhood Faves is an annual celebration of local businesses like yours, we know your business plays a starring role in your neighborhood year round.

In fact, neighbors tell us you're one of the to reasons they love Nextdoor, using it to share recommendations about Faves like you, check out your deals and events, and get all of your updates. 

Keep the celebration going with a post on Nextdoor including the hashtag #NeighborhoodFaves to share your big win with neighbors - and, clearly, your fans. 

Congratulations again, 

Sarah Friar 
Nextdoor CEO