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Atlanta Vet Center Advice: 10 Dog Winter Care Tips You Can Apply

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We usually take special measures when we know temperatures are going to drop.

So, it’s never too soon to start thinking about the best winter approach for you and your dog. This is what any Atlanta vet center would tell you.

To avoid any type of unpleasant incidents, check out these ten handy tips:

1. Learn about Frostbite and Hypothermia

This is important for every animal, but you need to take extra care when it comes to dogs which are:

  • Small
  • Thin-coated
  • Young
  • Not used to cold environments
  • Suffering from hypothyroidism

Frostbite mainly manifests in extremities. If you notice ears curling up or a pale-looking tail/paw, they may have been frostbitten.

As for hypothermia, these are the general symptoms:

  • Shivering
  • Low heart rate
  • Depression

2. Head Over to an Atlanta Vet Center

You should do this to learn more about any dog health conditions which can be aggravated by winter. 

The most common are arthritis or cardiac disease in senior dogs. With these kinds of illnesses, it’s recommended to trust your local vet, not the Internet.

During winter, you also need to pay attention to any pain your dog might experience.

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3. Special Winter Coats for Dogs Who Don’t Have Thick Fur

Breeds like Whippets or Italian Greyhounds may experience difficulty retaining heat during cold times. So, you might want to start browsing through pet stores’ clothing offers.

Look for coats which cover the body from the neck to the base of the tail. In case you want to be extra careful, consider getting dog boots.

4. Don’t Let Them Sleep on the Floor

Once your pet is safe and sheltered inside the house, it doesn’t mean your job is done. Sleeping on a cold, uncarpeted floor could adversely affect your dog’s health.

An easy fix is designing a special sleeping nook in a well-isolated area of your home.

5. Be careful with Heating Systems or Radiators

Why? Because if your dog stays too close to the heating source, it could lead to first-degree burns.

After all, they don’t really comprehend heating sources can be dangerous too. So, it’s best to make sure they can’t easily reach them. 

6. Choose Sunny Times to Play Outside

Even if your dog time is scheduled differently throughout the warm season, you need to change it once winter settles in.

This doesn’t mean you’ll play outside only when the sun shines. Just make sure you spend a shorter amount of time when it’s windy and make the most out of sunny days.

7. Apply Moisture

Winters bring dry air which takes its toll on your dog’s skin. Apart from moisture or nourishing oils for local application, you can use skin supplements or fish oils in their diet.

Your Atlanta vet center can offer more insight into this matter.

8. Pay Special Attention to Their Paws

Cracked paws are a frequent occurrence during winter – and the cold weather is not the only one to blame. When it comes to dogs with furry paws, ice can accumulate between the hair, so make sure you trim it.

After a walk in the town, rinsing and cleaning the paws is a must.

9. Avoid Overfeeding Your Dog

Oftentimes, dog owners think the extra food compensates for the lack of energy during the chilly times. But additional calories have the opposite effect, as metabolism is slower when dogs aren’t as active as before.

What you can do is monitor your pet’s energy levels and switch to a whole foods-centered diet if needed. 

10. Keep Dogs Away from Antifreeze

You don’t want your pet to accidentally lick antifreeze and ingest the chemicals in it. This could really harm them.

Just keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about. Antifreeze can leak from vehicles, and you don’t want to leave your dog unattended when this happens. 

Whatever your dog’s needs are during the winter, it’s clear you must offer them extra attention. Apart from the usual questions you ask your vet, inquire about the subjects we discussed above.

Show your love by looking into every detail and scheduling an appointment at an Atlanta vet center of your choice. 

Pharr Road Hospital doctors are here to provide the best services you need, so make sure you make an appointment.

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