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Leaving Your Cat While on Holiday – Tips from Your Local Atlanta Veterinarian

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The holiday season is here! If you’re like most of us, you’ll be spending a lot of time traveling during the season, visiting family and friends across the country. This is a wonderful time of year – one of the favorites for many of us.

But what if you’re a cat owner?

We find a lot of people simply leave their cats home alone. They figure if they leave enough food and water for their pet that the cat will be fine and even fend for themselves.

Instead of leaving your pet to look after themselves, here are some tips which will them happy and give you peace of mind while you’re away for the holidays.

Tips on How to Care for Your Pet While You’re Away

The main question for many cat owners is “what should I do with my cat while I’m away?”

Here are a few ideas which will give you the opportunity to provide your pet with the best care even when you’re out of town.

1. Hire a Pet Sitter

Cats do best if they’re left at home. They’re very territorial and like being in familiar surroundings. And as many cat owners can attest to – cats love their daily routine.

To keep your cat feeling safe and secure, it’s best if you hire a pet sitter to watch your pet for you. Even if the person can’t stay at your home 24/7, at least they can check in each day, provide fresh food and water, and let indoor cats out for a bit.

Even better, though, would be having a friend or family member stay at your home. Your cat is used to having you around, and if they are left on their own they can develop anxiety or even depression. Plus, if an emergency arises, your kitty caretaker can get your cat to the local animal hospital more quickly.

2. Leave Items Familiar to Your Pet

Pets and their human parents have a deep bond. Trying to live without you – even if it’s just for a few days – can be somewhat traumatic for them. To avoid having your pet feel like they’ve been abandoned, be sure to leave your pets favorite items which are familiar to them.

This could be your pet’s special blanket or several of their favorite toys. Your pet will be more at ease with your absence if they have some of their favorite familiar items close by.

3. Leave Prepared

One of the best things you can do for your cat their caretaker is to leave prepared. This means leaving detailed instructions regarding how to care for your pet. Instructions should include:

  • What kind of food/treats to feed the cat
  • How often to feed the pet
  • What type of water to give (some people prefer to give tap water, others prefer bottled)
  • How often the water should be changed and the water bowl cleaned
  • Kitty litter maintenance
  • The phone number and address to your Atlanta vet specialists
  • Your cat’s toy preferences
  • Your phone number in case of an emergency.

Atlanta Vet Specialists Continually Provide You with the Best Ways to Care for Your Pets

At Pharr Road Animal Hospital we want to provide exceptional care, and that is why we give pet owners the best advice, tips, and tools available to care for their pets.

Proper at-home pet care – in conjunction with regular visits to your local veterinary office – will ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life with you.

Are you looking for more tips for caring for your pets, especially during the winter months? Call us to schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss what’s needed for your pet to stay happy and healthy all year long.

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