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Local Animal Hospital: Summer Tips for Dog Owners

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Atlanta can get really hot during the summer, even though probably not as hot as Florida. We see a lot of recommendations on TV on how to protect ourselves from the heat, what to wear or what to drink.

Dog owners, however, need to take care and protect their pets as well.

As a local animal hospital, we want the best for your pets. In this article, we’ll give you some tips that will help your dog enjoy the summer despite the heat.

1. When to Walk Your Dog

Your dog needs their regular walks, so you have to make sure you find the best time of the day to do it. Usually, the weather is cooler early in the morning or in the late evening or night if you like to stay up late.

The temperature will be much more comfortable for you and your dog as well, compared to how it is at noon for example.

2. Hydration Is Extremely Important

The summer heat can cause dehydration not only for us humans but for our dogs. Whenever you take them out for a walk, don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you. If they run around like they usually do, they’ll probably get more thirsty than normal.

It’s also important to pay attention to any signs of dehydration your dog might show. Dogs don’t sweat, but they pant to cool off. If your dog drools excessively or is lethargic, it might be a sign of dehydration.

3. Help Your Dog Cool Down

It’s fine if you don’t have air conditioning. There are other ways that can help your dog cool down on a hot summer day.

If you have a backyard, even a small one, you can use a small kids pool. Fill it with water, find a spot in the shade and let your dog have fun with it. If you don’t have a backyard wet a towel and lay it on the ground. A fan is also a good option. If you have one that mists water, it’s even better.

Whatever method you use, never use ice. Wetting your dog can do the trick just fine whereas using ice can do more harm than good.

4. Go Swimming

The majority of dogs just love water. If you have a lake near you, or if you’re close to the beach, use the hot weather as an excuse to go there more often.

Even if it’s boiling hot outside, your dog won’t even realize it if their having fun in the water.

5. Don’t Forget About Grooming

A dog’s coat has the role of protecting them from the heat, sunburns, and it also helps them cool down. As a local animal hospital, our advice is to consider grooming your dog more often, rather than going for a cut.

Pharr Road – Your Trusted Local Animal Hospital

In the summer, it’s more important than ever to pay close attention to your dog’s needs. You want to make sure they’ll feel comfortable no matter what environment they’re in.

If you’re in Atlanta, and you sense that your dog is not behaving as usual, you can count on us as your local animal hospital.

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