A Local Vet’s Approach When It Comes to Your Dog’s Coat

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Loyal and utterly lovable, they are regarded to be surrogate-like family members. The health of the pets we love and adore is important.  Just like humans, dogs get sick through lack of care, an allergy, or poor diet, can cause a host of problems.

All dog breeds require dog care.  Keeping your dog healthy is a multifaceted process that involves a good diet, plenty of exercise, an abundance of fresh water, trimming of nails, dog grooming, and regular visits to your local veterinarian.

Visiting your local veterinarian on a regular basis will ensure the continued health and happiness of your dog. Any veterinarian will tell you that a dog’s coat is one of the most important aspects of a dog’s health.

A dog’s coat is the hair that covers and shields its body from the elements.  It also protects the dog’s bones, muscles, organs, and helps to maintain a normal and comfortable body temperature.  The condition of your dog’s coat can prove to be an indicator of its overall health.

While regular brushing and grooming are essential aspects of maintaining your dog’s health, scheduling regular trips to your local vet will ensure that your dog’s coat is healthy and functioning as it should. A veterinarian’s trained eye will look for any telltale signs of ill health that a dog’s coat might display.  They will inspect the coat and the underlying skin to determine that the coat is not brittle or coarse and the skin not flaking or greasy. Most dog owners aren’t aware if their dog is showing signs of illness through their coat or skin and it can very often be attributed to a poor quality diet.

Any good veterinarian will explain the importance of providing your dog with a balanced level of nutrition which includes primarily protein and then fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.  Optimizing nutrition will result in a happy and healthy dog with smooth skin and a thick and shiny coat.

In addition to proper nutrition, your veterinarian will also tell you that regular grooming also plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy coat for your dog. Your experienced vet can show you how proper brushing performed on a regular basis can help to remove dirt and dandruff, while also helping to distribute the natural oils in the fur throughout the coat.

Your vet can also show you how grooming enables you to check and inspect your dog’s coat for ticks and fleas or any dry patches on their skin.  The type of brush you will need to use is dependent on the type of coat your dog has.  Your veterinarian can give you suggestions for the best brushes to use for your specific dog breed, and any special or additional information that you may need to know.

Even with an optimal diet, regular dog grooming, and the best preventative efforts of dog owners, there will inevitably come times when your dog’s coat or skin may become compromised.  Fleas, mites, ticks, hot spots, mange, and dry itchy skin are all very common ailments that afflict dogs every day, in addition to things like parasites, allergies, hormonal imbalances, bacterial infections, and even stress.

Veterinarians have the expert ability to take care of these common ailments and can treat your dog using injections and oral medications for quick and pain-free relief for your dog. Examples of the kind of medical prescriptions your vet can write for your dog include the following:  Topical applications, dips, ointments, sprays, shampoos, lotions, rinses, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceutical medications.

Regular trips to your local veterinarian are an essential part of your dog’s continued wellbeing and health. Your local veterinarian will instruct you on the importance of a good diet for your dog, as well as give you product recommendations.  They can also show you how to check for problems that might exist within your dog’s coat or skin.

Schedule a visit with your local veterinarian today!  Our beloved dogs are integral parts of our lives. Loyal and loving, they are truly our best friends and deserve the gift of health and happiness.

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