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National Pet Dental Health Month: Three Signs To Watch For

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Think about the last time you had a toothache.

Not a pleasant thought is it.

Now, imagine having that intense pain, living with it and not being able to tell someone about it.

Can you picture just how difficult this would be and just how painful it would be as it got worse?

Now you know the kind of pain your precious pet may be living with.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and in honor of this month, we ask that you pay attention to your animals to see if they are having some
dental concerns.

Here’s the thing, whether you are human or otherwise a toothache is still a toothache.

They still hurt, A LOT.

Here are three ways you can tell if your pet may be suffering from some dental problems.

The Smell Test

The next time you are up close to your dog or cat, take notice of their breath.

Bad breath is a warning sign that something may be going on with their teeth. If you notice that their gums are bleeding as well, then you may need to take
them in to see their veterinarian.

Please pay attention to bad breath and bleeding gums as this may be a sign that your loved one is developing Periodontal disease.

Watch For Similar Behaviors

Think about having a toothache.

What usually happens when you have one?

If you are like most then you probably didn’t want to chew or eat, you probably had your hand to your face and experienced some kind of sensitivity around
your mouth.

Guess what?

Your dog or cat will likely display the same behaviors.

If you notice that they have lost their appetite, seem to be pawing around their mouth or at their face and have general sensitivity around their mouths,
then they may be (or probably are) experiencing dental issues and need to see a vet.

Take A Look

The next time you are checking on your dog or cat, gently lift up their lips to check and see if they have any kind of inflammation or have any missing

A general view of what is going on in their mouths may give you all of the information you need to take your pet in to see their veterinarian.

The sooner that you can catch these problems the better.

If you see something early on and seek out the help you need to get for your dog or cat, the better off they will be.

What Should You Do Now?

What you should do now is take a quick look at your pet.

Do you notice any behavior changes, any smells that are out of the ordinary or have found some teeth missing in an older cat or dog that shouldn’t have any
teeth falling out?

If you see something that just doesn’t feel quite right, then be sure to move and act on it quickly.

You don’t want these types of problems progressing and getting worse.

In honor National Pet Dental Health Month, and really in honor of your pet, please check on their health and see if there is anything you need to take care

If you find some health issues Pharr Road Animal Hospital is here to help.  Give us a call and we can answer your questions or let you know if your pet needs to come in.

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  1. My cat was in to get a rabies shot this year. He needs dental care and I don’t see much on your site about your procedures on dental care. How it’s done, what anesthesia is used, etc.

    Also are any of your doctor’s board certified in dentistry?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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