Pet Behavior Problems Atlanta

At least 40 percent of all pets may have behavior problems by some estimates.

Behavioral problems exist in both dogs and cats which can wreak havoc on the home and family. Our professional team understands just how disruptive behavioral problems can be, so we offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of behavioral problems to restore peace and calm to the home.

What Are Pet Behavior Problems?

Behavior problems can range from house soiling to aggression. Some affect the home, as destructive dogs cause damage to their environment. Other behavior issues prevent owners from taking their pets out, such as aggression toward other animals or people. We know behavior concerns can be quite serious and one of the most common reasons pets are rehomed.

With comprehensive treatment the following behavior issues may improve:

  • Fear of people, noises, storms or other animals
  • Separation anxiety and destructive behavior when left home alone
  • Aggression toward people or other animals
  • Biting which includes nipping or play biting
  • House Soiling or litter box problems
  • Marking behavior
  • Food-related problems such as guarding or aggression
  • Vocalization such as excessive barking, whining or meowing
  • Repetitive behaviors like pacing, circling or tail chasing
  • Senior dog behaviors such as cognitive dysfunction, house soiling and agitation

Treatment Options for Behavior Problems in Pets

Behavior problems can often be attributed to fear, anxiety or boredom. However, they can also be linked to a medical concern like pain or malnutrition. No matter what the cause of the negative behavior might be, treatment is most effective when it combines behavior modification, environmental changes and medical treatment.

Our veterinarians are qualified to assess each aspect of your pet’s behavior and prescribe the proper treatment plan tailored to your pet’s precise needs. In some cases, your pet may require medical intervention or medication. Supplementation might be recommended as well. We will also work with you to understand how best to train and manage your pet to produce the best possible results.

Pet behavior problems can be disruptive, but they can be treated in most cases. The right diagnosis and treatment plans are the first step in a healthier, happier pet and a more peaceful home.

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