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Is Your Pet in Pain? 4 Signs Your Pet Needs an Atlanta Vet

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When you have pets, the last thing you want is for them to be in distress. But you can’t help your pets if you don’t know if they are in pain.

The visible signs of pain such as crying out or whining are easy to detect. However, other signs are more subtle and thus harder to spot.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned in this article, it might be best to take your pet to an Atlanta vet as soon as possible.

1. Changes in Breathing

These changes are often very subtle, but you can typically spot them if you set time aside and listen carefully to your pet’s breath. You should do this while your pet is resting and during walks or other types of physical activities.

That way, you will notice when any unusual changes occur.

Pay close attention to panting. It’s normal for dogs to pant when they are excited or during exercise, especially if it’s hot outside.

However, if your dog is panting while resting, it might indicate pain.

Panting in cats is never normal, and it’s a clear sign you should take your cat to an Atlanta vet right away.

2. Unusual Behavior

As a pet owner, you are used to your pets acting a certain way. All pets can experience mood swings every once in a while. However, significant behavior changes are more often than not a sign that something’s wrong.

Here are just two examples:

  • Your pet is suddenly more aggressive and doesn’t like being cuddled with anymore.
  • Your pet no longer gets excited about playing or going out on walks.

This behavior might indicate that a pet is depressed.

For our animal friends, emotional issues sometimes stem from medical causes.

3. Avoidance and Hiding

If your energetic and sociable pet suddenly hides under the bed in an attempt to avoid any interaction with you, it’s not because it suddenly stopped loving you.

Maybe your pet is in pain.

Pets that are hurting will often try to isolate themselves from their owners and other pets. They want to be left alone so they will look for a private place around the house.

4. Changes in Sleeping Habits

An unexpected shift in sleep habits can be a sign that your pet is suffering discomfort. Pets that are experiencing pain will often:

  • Turn and twitch during the night trying to get comfortable
  • Regularly change where they sleep
  • Get up several times during the night
  • Sleep more than usual

Many factors might impact your pet’s sleeping patterns. It doesn’t mean your pet is sick. However, it’s best to get its health checked by a knowledgeable Atlanta vet just to be on the safe side.

Know for Sure by Taking Your Pet to an Atlanta Vet

It’s hard to know how your pets are feeling all the time, even though you have a strong bond with them. That is why it’s best to have your pet checked out by a vet regularly.

Your pets are counting on you to pay attention and make the best decisions for them.

Whether you suspect something is wrong with your pets or just want to ensure they are healthy, we can help. 

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