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Too Cold for a Walk? 4 Indoor Exercises for Dogs Atlanta Vets Recommend

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Your dog should get its daily exercise no matter what. It’s especially important in the winter time because dogs don’t hibernate. Now since the day has gotten shorter and the temperature has dropped significantly, you or your dog may not be in the mood to go outside.

Atlanta vets have found exercising indoors works just as good.

Physical exercise is not only important for your dog’s health, but it also helps you strengthen the relationship you have with your pet.

Along with the vets’ help, we compiled a list of some fun things you can try with your dog this winter season.

Let’s see what they are.

4 Indoor Exercises for Dogs Atlanta Vets Recommend

1. Play a game

Dogs are always looking for new opportunities to play, so why not do it indoors?

You can start by simply throwing an object you know they love to play with and then telling them to bring it back to you. This is so simple yet extremely effective. You can even sit on the couch while doing this.

Another game you can play is hide-and-seek. Have you ever played it with your dog? If not, then you should definitely try it. Use a distraction to make your dog not look or be near you, and then hide. They will be so excited to sniff around the entire house until they find you.

2. Stimulate your dog’s smell

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“How does that count as exercise?” you may ask. Atlanta vets have the answer.

The dog’s brain focuses 40% more on analyzing smells than our brain. They’re real detectives. Instead of giving them a treat or dinner on a plate, challenge their sense of smell by hiding the food.

You can create an obstacle course for them and hide the food in a box or in certain toys which are designed for this kind of game.

3. Use the treadmill

If you already have a treadmill, that’s great. You can use it to familiarize your dog with it as well. Even though there are ones specifically made for dogs, a human one will be just as good.

You have to be cautious here. Use the slowest speed at first and stay near your dog at all times. Then, you can increase the speed as the days go by.

If you don’t have a treadmill, just walk or run around the house and make your dog follow you.

4. Practice commands


Staying indoors is a good opportunity for you to teach your dog new commands or improve the ones they already know.

Bonding with your pet is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Plus, they won’t be sleeping all day or lay around the house doing nothing, which is a big no-no for their well-being.

Keep Your Dog Healthy This Winter Season

Winter is a tricky season because of the low temperatures. Even if you don’t go as often on your walks, it doesn’t have to stop you or your pet from having a good time indoors.

We hope that these ideas will help this winter season.

Your dog’s health is important, so if you notice that something weird is going on, give us a call.

Atlanta vets are always ready to provide the best advice.

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