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What Your Local Veterinarian Should Tell You About Road Trips With Pets

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Vacations are often all about family. Your pet is part of your family so taking them with you seems fair. But a local veterinarian should give you a few tips before you leave.

First of all, make sure the road is safe for your pet as well. In case an accident happens, they’ll be safer in a crash-tested crate.

There are important aspects you need to make sure of before you depart. It’s a good idea to follow the tips in this article because they will make your vacation relaxing and stress-free.

Plan Your Route to Include Regular Breaks

You and your family want to be comfortable while on the road. Your pet should get the same treatment. It is important to plan your route to include regular breaks.

Make sure to allow your pet enough time to relieve itself or walk around. Your local veterinarian would advise on taking 15 to 30 minute breaks every four hours. You could take your dog for a walk, for example. Cats usually hate trips, but they could use a breath of fresh air.

Check The Weather

This aspect is important for both family and pets. It helps you prepare for issues like rain or cold. It is also a preventive measure to keep you safe from natural disasters (e.g. tornadoes).

If your pet is used to mild weather, you’ll want to pack some clothes or blankets for them as well. It is a good idea if you’re visiting a colder area.

Contact Your Local Veterinarian for a Checkup

local veterinarian

If it’s been a while since your pet’s last checkup now is the perfect time to schedule one. The last thing you’d want is a member of your family getting sick while on vacation.

Find an animal clinic near you and ask for an exam for your pet. Make sure the vaccines are up to date. Ask a local veterinarian if the area you’re visiting presents any danger to your pet. There could be other vaccines that cover these threats.

It is also important to get a copy of your pet’s medical records. If there are any meds involved, pack some extra ones. It would also be a good idea to look for a vet at your destination that’s available 24/7. Just in case of an emergency.

Book a Pet-Friendly Accommodation or Pet Care

By now, you should know not all hotels accept animals in their rooms. The good thing is most will state if they’re pet-friendly or not. Find all the details you need to know – breed restrictions, rules, extra fees.

If you have to go to an event that will take you away from your pet for several hours, contact a day care service. Pets tend to act out if left alone in a room they aren’t familiar with. Leaving your pet unattended may cause more anxiety than at home.

Prepare The Pet And Luggage

Any local veterinarian could tell you many pets suffer from car sickness. Only feed them several hours before leaving.

Make sure your luggage has all the necessary items. You’ll need:

  • Food and a water bowl
  • Toys
  • Medication
  • Clothing (in case it’s colder)
  • Waste bags
  • Treats

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