Atlanta Vet Translates if your pet could talk

What Your Pets Would Say If They Could Talk: An Atlanta Vet Translates

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Some people claim they can understand what their pets really want, but the fact of the matter is none of us are able to communicate with them as well as we would like.

Thankfully, those of us at your local Atlanta vet have a lot of experience with animals. We have learned to translate body language and verbal cues over the years.

This allows us to teach pet parents how to recognize certain clues their pets are giving them about their health and wellbeing.

What Your Pets Would Like You to Know

Here are just a few things your pet would like you to know about their life and how they feel.

1. I Don’t Feel Good

Instinctually, animals hide when they’re not feeling well because, in the wild, predators pick out the weakest animal. Therefore, illness and injury aren’t something they’re inclined to advertise.

There are some signs your pet will start to display when they’re not feeling good. Keep an eye out for these symptoms. If you recognize them, get your pet to the nearest animal hospital as soon as possible.

Symptoms of illness include:

  • They aren’t interested in food
  • They drink a lot
  • They urinate more than usual
  • They limp
  • They have difficulty getting up after sitting or lying down.

2. Please Help Me Lose Weight

Pets don’t want to be unhealthy. If they start to pack on extra weight, they can’t do the things they love, like frolicking, chasing, hunting, and running.

Excess weight puts pressure on your pets’ vital organs and their joints. It can, therefore, be difficult for them to walk and breathe. Not only is this uncomfortable – it’s dangerous.

But pets weren’t hardwired to go on a diet and hire a personal trainer when they notice some belly bulge. They need you to help them get the weight off and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you aren’t sure what your pet needs in order to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight, talk to your local veterinarian.

Your vet can tell you which foods to avoid feeding your pet, which brand of food is best for weight loss, and how much exercise they need.

3. I’m Lonely

Have you ever come home after a long day of work to find your house has been torn up by your pet?

Rest assured – your pet isn’t being “naughty.” Your pet is lonely or bored. They need a friend or some sort of stimulation throughout the day.

Another sign of loneliness is when your pet appears depressed or disinterested in things they used to enjoy.

Again, your vet can help you find a solution to this problem.

4. I’m Mad at You

Cats tend to show anger more readily than dogs. They can get easily irritated if their routine is disrupted, their litter box isn’t cleaned, or someone tries to pet them more than they would like.

Take note of when the claws come out and then avoid doing those things in the future if at all possible.

Your Atlanta Veterinarian Wants to Give Your Pets the Best Care Ever

Some people think the only time to take their pet to their vet is when the pet is seriously injured or ill.

Actually, there are two other times to take your pet to a veterinarian:

  • For regular checkups and preventive care
  • When their behavior changes.

We don’t encourage people to bring their pets in for superfluous reasons. Our desire is to provide our neighbors with the best pet care possible. The best way to do this is with regular visits. When we see your pet regularly, we can detect problems early.

It also gives us an opportunity to get to know your pet really well and allows us to recognize unusual behavior or symptoms.

It’s only when we have the chance to see these things up close and personal we are able to provide you and your fur and feather babies with the best care.

Learn What Your Pets Want and Need to Give Them a Long, Healthy Life

Though we will never be able to actually speak with our pets, we can learn what they need based on their behavior.

If your pet is acting out of character, remember this is the way your pet is communicating with you. They’re not being bad or misbehaving because they’ve suddenly changed. They’re feeling something they need to communicate.

It’s our job as pet parents to translate these behavioral cues. Doing so will give us the opportunity to provide our pets with everything they need, ensuring they stay healthy and happy for a long, long time.

If you have questions about what your pet’s behavior means, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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